I have the fab things you need to make other fab things!

With color, texture and patterns being among some of my favorite things, knitting is a natural fit for me. As a young girl, I was mesmerized by watching my grandma create beautiful lace doilies with fine string on tiny crochet hooks or the click clack of her knitting needles making slippers; her hands always seemed to move effortlessly, beautifully. First my grandma taught me the basics of crochet, of which she was the queen, but then the real magic happened, she taught me the basics of knitting. I will never forget the day my grandma handed me a pair of blue size 8 aluminum knitting needles (that I still have) and a ball of navy blue yarn and I cast on my first stitches. I could only knit straight rows, but I was in love. Eventually my knitting evolved; I devoured books and watched online tutorials to teach myself more complex stitches and methods of knitting and am still learning new things all of the time. I taught myself how to deconstruct stitches and patterns in order to fix mistakes and eventually began writing my own original patterns.

A great deal of love and pride goes into every stitch of a hand knit item, with that said, I use high quality fibers that are going to last and keep you warm, when I knit or choose yarns to hand dye. Hand dyeing and painting yarn just seemed like the natural next step to me; one day I was reading about it, the next there were huge boxes of wool in my house. To me it is somewhat of a primitive, yet relaxing and rewarding process, as I apply each color by hand, making every skein unique in its own way. I also enjoy experimenting with color and many times you will find one-of-a-kind skeins or limited editions of yarn in my shop that will make your project stand out from the crowd.

Of course, you can't knit or crochet your best without the proper notions and tools; I've got you covered! I've always had a thing for tools of all kinds, I think it comes from being the daughter of a carpenter. So, whether you just need stitch markers to help keep you on track or the whole kit 'n kaboodle, you will find what you need here, with fun and flair of course. Besides the metal charms, I use only natural gemstone, wood, shell and high quality glass (and the occasional crystal) beads when making stitch markers; my stitch markers are always snag-free or locking. The Notions Kits have everything you need to complete your projects and are a great way to stay organized and knit or crochet on the run; not only do they come with tons of fun notions, but there is still room to add more!

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